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Atiku Tells PDP Stakeholders Criteria For Appointments, Contract After 2023 Election



Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate has urged all party members to present the results of their voting districts in order to take advantage of his administration if he is elected.

He made this known during a town hall meeting with the stakeholders on Wednesday in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

He argued that if party members and leaders deliver at their polling units, it will be easy for the PDP to win the elections.

Responding to a question, Atiku said, “You are all members of the PDP and supporters of the PDP, you want the PDP to return to power, please I beg of you, make sure you win your polling booths.

“The fact that you are following the governorship candidate or the Senatorial candidate or the House of Representatives candidate or the presidential candidate to campaign is not a qualification that you will get an appointment. It is not a qualification that you will get a contract whether at the local government level, state or Federal level.

“The only way as far as I am concerned if I am President, if you come and say you want a job or you want a contract, I will ask you to let me have the result of your polling booth and that is what I am going to direct to everybody because unless we do that, we will not win the elections.

“You cannot be following the governor all the place or the senator all the place and then you don’t win your polling booth and you come and say you want to be a minister or you want to get this contract.

“So, please as members of our party, let us make sure that we go back to our constituencies and make sure that we deliver our polling units.”

Speaking on his programme, Atiku pledged to revamp the education sector in such a way that the incessant strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities will be put to an end.

He also promised to expand the nation’s economy to improve the living standards of Nigerians and workers.

While addressing PDP supporters at the mega rally, Atiku called on residents of the state to vote out the All Progressives Congress.

“The APC government has failed us and therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that they do not return to power,” Atiku noted.