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Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On US Midterm Election Confirms His Global Status




For the few people that don’t believe him yet, they are now left with no choice than to admit that Primate Elijah Ayodele has attained a global status through the gift of prophecies to nations across the globe.

Though he is a Nigerian, His prophecies are not limited to Nigeria and the African continent, It’s strange that the man of God gives prophecies on other continents. Actually, there is no reason to blame the unbelievers due to the kind of ministry Primate Ayodele has, it’s rare to see someone from a country talking about other nations that he has not been to physically. This is why they think Primate Ayodele is all about guess work or permutation but He has once again put the doubts to rest with the accurate fulfilment of his prophecies regarding the recently concluded Mid-Term elections in the United States Of America.

The results are not yet out fully but it’s obvious that the Republican Party will have a majority in the House of Representatives considering the outcome of the election as we speak. Officially, the Republican Party has about 214 seats already while the Democratic Party has 204 seats after losing some to the opposition. The number required to have a majority is 218 and what this means is that the opposition party needs just four seats to be in control of the House of Representatives.

Apart from the Democratic Party losing the majority in the house, another implication is that the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi will lose her position to a republican by virtue of having the majority in the house.

Back to Primate Ayodele’s prophecy concerning the election, while addressing his congregation before the election held, Primate Ayodele foretold that Democratic party will lose major seats in their stronghold and expressed the need for them to strategize. He then proceeded to state that He is worried for Nancy Pelosi because he foresees that she will lose her political grip. This statement was posted on the Prophet’s tiktok page (@primateayodele).

These were his words

‘’The midterm election that will come up, the democratic will lose some major seats in their stronghold, it is not well with them at this moment but they can still make a quick effort to stabilize. The speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, I am worried for her because she will face challenges. She needs to be up and doing so she will not lose her political grip’’

Of course, these were exactly what happened in the election; the Democratic Party lost some seats in their strongholds and Nancy Pelosi also lost her seat as speaker of the house, fulfilling what Primate Ayodele foretold.

This is not the first time Primate Ayodele will be getting it right prophetically on nations across the globe. As a matter of fact, the emergence of Joe Biden as President of the United States was foretold by Primate Ayodele two years before it happened. He warned the Republican not to field Donald Trump as candidate because he will lose but they never listened, the paved way for the Joe Biden presidency.

Also, the emergence of Rishi Sunak as UK Prime minister was first heard from him and this still remains a mystery to many. The victory of William Ruto as Kenya president was prophesied by Primate Ayodele.

It would also be recalled that Primate Ayodele warned world leaders in December 2021 that there will be an attack against Ukraine by Russia. He repeated it again in January that he foresees destruction in the region. Just a few weeks after the warnings, Russia invaded Ukraine and we all know what the outcome is.

Primate Ayodele has done more than enough to prove his call as a true man of God and the most recent fulfilment of the US Midterm election has cemented his status as a global prophet; One sent to the world.

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INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, Segun Agbaje made the announcement when he addressed reporters at the VGC.

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It was gathered that some Military men on patrol, who were alerted on the harassment of voters by thugs, were on their way to attend to the distress call when they intercepted some persons in one of the pooling units in Oshodi.
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Three of them were whisked away in the Military patrol van.
Some suspected thugs were also arrested .

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