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Registration begins in June: De9jaspirit Talent Hunt Season 3 offers African Youths a gateway to Stardom



Africa’s most populous nation experiences a continuous entertainment revolution, accompanied by a decorative air of talented minds from across every part of Nigeria.

We are talking about De9jaspirit Talent Hunt, an outstanding event in which none else is compared, rich in content and gratified in offering the most outstanding source of overwhelming ecstasy. Eyes have seen and ears have heard, how De9jaspirit Talent Hunt is hitting the airwaves of Nigeria, it does not only stop at entertaining the public as other talent hunts have been doing.

DTH is a different stock, novel in its own kind. It welcomes all kinds of talents, from contortion, to singing, magic, breakdancing, poetry, comedy and so much more. Watching contestants perform a heterogeneous multiplicity of talents has always been breathtaking. I am not left behind, you should not be left behind, and in fact, no one should be left behind.

De9jaspirit Talent Hunt held its first edition of the show in September, 2021. Even though the show was basically in its natal stage, it attracted much awareness as thousands turned up daily for the show at Cultural Center, Calabar and thousands more streamed from all corners of Nigeria and beyond.

The first edition ran for 7 days and was hosted by Stephanie Coker, the popular Nigerian on-air personality for EbonyLife TV and MTV Base Africa. Epitomes of the entertainment industry such as Ini Edo, the popularly known Nigerian actress known from across the lengths and breadth of Nigeria; Ikechukwu Ogbonna known professionally as IK Ogbonna, a Nigerian film and television actor, director, and TV personality and Sidney Esiri, popularly known as Dr. Sid, a musician of no mean repute all served as judges in the show.

The first edition, which hosted 50 contestants, saw the emergence of Miss Constance Olatunde, a singer and first prize winner, who went home with 10 Million Naira cash prize. Miss Constance Olatunde, from Ekiti State, is a singer whose passion towards her talent cannot ever be quenched. On stage, she sang from the deepest parts of her soul and watching her perform, was a pleasurable experience that cannot easily be forgotten.

Prior to her emergence, she had been singing for 9 years and the consistency in her art was shown in the way she dedicated all her energy in her songs. Today, Miss Constance Olatunde has her fresh singles “Believe” which she performed in the Season 2 finale of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt.

The season 1 of the show also ended with The Chrysolite Crew as first runners-up, an interesting choreography group who went home with a 3 Million Naira cash prize, and Emmanuel Ikebudu, A.K.A Slim Saint, a comedian of unique stock who was awarded a 2 Million Naira cash prize.

As the show ended, we were all immersed in the positive liveliness that radiated from it. There was no better or more interesting experience than having to watch all kinds of talents, including the ones that had never been envisioned, revealing themselves on stage one after the other. It was beautiful, it was unique, and superbly outstanding.

The conclusion of the Season 1 edition of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt left us with high hopes and anxious expectations of the Season 2 edition of the show. However, DTH did not just offer an equation of the previous edition. It came out all brand new, it delivered above expectations.

The second edition (Season 2) of the show was a movement from apex to apex. It was hosted by the popularly known Adams Ibrahim Adebola known also as V.J Adams, an entertainment luminary known expressly as a musician, TV presenter, video jockey, and entrepreneur. As if this was not enough, DTH featured Miss Rose Omokhoa Afije known by the name Liquorose as one of the judges alongside Ini Edo, Dr. Sid, and IK Ogbonna. Liquorose emerged first runner-up in Big Brother Naija Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye) 2021. She is a video vixen who has featured in music videos with well-known musicians like PSquare, Dbanj, Davido, Wizkid, 2face, and Yemi Alade.

To crown it all about the Season 2 edition, De9jaspirit Talent Hunt offered us a show running for three months straight as against the 7 days it offered in Season 1.

This was the beginning of a 3 months entertainment that turned out to be fun-filled, thrilling, emotional, and exhilarating. In addition, the second edition did not just offer a 7 Million Naira cash prize to the first prize winner, but gave an additional bonus of a +5 days trip to Dubai and Kenya. First runner-up and second runner-up went home with cash prizes of 3 Million Naira, and 2 Million Naira cash prize respectively.

The show was also consistent in hosting youths from across all kinds of talents who converged at Calabar from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Of course, the show’s prized winners were not chosen unsystematically. Progress through its different stages was determined by votes which were taken not only from live attendees but also from online streamers.

The season 2 received a wider range of attention and participation from viewers nationwide and beyond. This active participation from viewers through streams and votes saw the emergence of Esther Ugochi Kalu known by her stage name “Ugee Royalty” as first prize winner. The spirited singer with a powerful voice deserved it. She is a composition of many different singers existing in one body. It is undoubtable that she is meant for nothing else but greatness.

Ugee Royalty is an upcoming gospel artist who simply stands above the upcoming tag. The 22 year old born singer from Abia State is superb on stage. She radiates powerful and positive vibes, so honeyed that it was almost impossible for one to remain on one’s seat while she is on stage.

Her songs were usually followed by nodding of heads, tapping of feets, and one never know when one rises to dance, applause, and render shouts of excitement. Ugee Royalty, as the first prize winner got a cash prize of 7 Million Naira which she intends to utilize in setting up her own studio so she can serve as a means to supporting upcoming gospel artistes like herself. She was so excited about the fact that, in addition to the cash prize, she is visiting Dubai and Kenya. Nonetheless, she deserves it all.


The first runner-up for DTH Season 2 is Ibukunoluwa Oluwaseun known by her stage name “Ibquake”, a writer, teacher, and motivational speaker. Ibquake is a powerful spoken word artiste who is very creative in employing sensible words to depict real life situations.

She bagged a cash prize of 3 Million Naira and the second runner-up, Bassey Stephen Ernest known by his stage name “Masterseb Comedian” bagged a cash prize of 2 Million Naira. Masterseb is unique, he does not just use comedy to evoke laughter, comedy is for him is a strong tool which he employs in passing pertinent messages about issues in society, such as rape and domestic violence. Truly, De9jaspirit Talent Hunt has been able to bring beautiful talents to limelight.

When asked to describe De9jaspirit Talent Hunt, I simply rate it as the most interesting Talent Hunt that has ever existed in Africa. This rating is not given haphazardly, it is as a result of the fact that DTH offers what no existing talent hunt offers. By virtue of being a live observer of the show, I was, every now and then, startled, and so impressed by the experiences I got from the show. Nothing else can be said apart from a big “thank you” to De9jaspirit Talent Hunt for all the wonderful experiences gained.

So far, DTH has been wonderful. From when it began its maiden edition in 2021, we were not in doubt that this novel idea and innovation is sure going somewhere, from apex to apex. DTH has not disappointed and season after season, wonderful experiences are doubled with rich addition of beauty and grandeur. As we speak, DTH is about to hit the waves again with its Season 3 edition of the show. This edition will award a 10 Million Naira cash prize, a brand new car, a +5 days trip to Kenya and Maldives.

It can easily be noted that DTH has progressed from giving its first prize winners a cash prize of 7 Million Naira to a 10 Million Naira cash prize as well as a brand new car. This is progress par excellence. The first runner-up and second runner-up will be awarded cash prizes of 3 Million Naira and 2 Million Naira respectively, plus a 300 Thousand Naira cash prize for best weekly performances.

I would personally encourage anyone to participate in this show one way or the other, whether as a talented youth or as a viewer. It cannot be acknowledged anywhere that DTH has ever disappointed. It is not plausible that it will ever disappoint. As a live or streaming audience, your entertainment and happiness is hundred percent assured and as a contestant, you may find yourself a first prize winner. Who knows? With DTH, you can be brought to limelight by showing your talent to the world and thus, earning millions worth of cash prizes.

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Dangote Refinery to start production by October and November 2023



The Dangote Refinery is gearing up to commence refining operations, with plans to produce diesel and jet fuel by October 2023 and petrol by November 30, 2023, according to the Executive Director of the Dangote Group, Devakumar Edwin.

According to reports, Edwin in an interview with newsmen disclosed that the refinery is on track to receive its first crude cargo within two weeks.

Initially, the facility is set to produce up to 370,000 barrels per day of diesel and jet fuel in October 2023.

Furthermore, Edwin outlined the refinery’s strategy for gradually increasing petrol production, to reach an impressive 650,000 barrels per day by November 30.

He expressed the refinery’s readiness to receive crude oil:

  • “Right now, I’m ready to receive crude. We are just waiting for the first vessel. And so, as soon as it comes in, we can start.”

Regarding the shift in the original timeline, Edwin explained that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) had already committed their crude oil to another entity on a forward basis, causing a temporary delay.

He assured that this setback is momentary, and the refinery will exclusively use Nigerian crude oil from November 2023 onwards.

Edwin highlighted that the Nigerian oil will be purchased in US dollars, not in naira, as the refinery operates within a free trade zone on the outskirts of Lagos. However, due to its equity stake, the NNPCL will supply some crude at discounted prices.

The Dangote refinery is equipped to process various crudes, including most African grades, Middle Eastern Arab Light, and even US light-tight oil.

Edwin stated,

  • “We can take even some of the Russian grades… if the global system opens up to allow us to receive them. If you look at our production profile, 50% of my production will meet 100% of the requirements of the country.”

Excess gasoline, meeting 10 ppm sulfur Euro 5 quality, will be exported to other African markets, the US, and South America, albeit in relatively small volumes.

Jet fuel will be exported to Europe, while diesel will be sold in sub-Saharan Africa.

Edwin emphasized that the refinery would benefit Nigeria significantly, providing a reliable supply of environmentally friendly refined products and generating substantial foreign exchange for the country.

Furthermore, he noted that the Dangote refinery will play a pivotal role in addressing fuel supply challenges faced by import-dependent West Africa, particularly following Nigeria’s removal of fuel subsidies, which had resulted in a thriving illicit gasoline market due to price fluctuations.

Edwin added that the revenues generated from the refinery’s operations will be reinvested in further developments, underscoring Aliko Dangote’s commitment to Nigeria.

  • “The money will be coming back in, and it will go for further investments,” he affirmed, highlighting Dangote’s dedication to the nation.
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G20: Tony Elumelu Co-Chairs Business Council in India with President Tinubu

Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings and CFR, will co-chair the G20 Business Council in India, joining President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the Nigeria-India Presidential roundtable during the G20 summit in New Delhi.



G20: Tony Elumelu Co-Chairs Business Council in India


This collaborative event, organized by the Nigerian High Commission in India, CII, and NIBC, highlights President Tinubu’s address.

The G20 Business Council, also known as the Business 20 (B20), serves as the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community.

Established in 2010, the B20 is one of the most prominent Engagement Groups within the G20 framework, bringing together companies and business organizations to provide their perspectives on global economic and trade governance.

It speaks with a unified voice on behalf of the entire G20 business community.

One of the key objectives of the B20 is to promote economic integration in Africa. As stated on the B20 India website, the B20 aims to “offer extensive support to make this process a success and work towards African economic development.”

This agenda is expected to benefit not only nations within Africa but also have broader implications for global economic growth and cooperation.

The G20, comprised of the world’s largest and most advanced economies, is the foremost platform for international economic cooperation. Nigeria’s President, President Tinubu, was extended a special invitation by India, the current G20 host, earlier in the year, underscoring the nation’s role in shaping global economic discourse and collaboration.

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Tinubu appoints Khalil Halilu as EVC/CEO of NASENI

President Tinubu has appointed Khalil Suleiman Halilu to be the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).



Tinubu appoints Khalil Halilu as EVC/CEO of NASENI


Mr. Halilu’s appointment as Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was confirmed by the Presidency on Friday, 1 September, according to the statement released by Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to President Tinubu on Media and Publicity.

As EVC/CEO of NASENI, Mr Halilu is expected to bring his significant experience as an innovator and technology expert to bear in this important new national assignment.

The newly appointed Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of NASENI who is 32 years old will serve an initial term of five years as specified by relevant sections of the NASENI Act, 2014, the statement revealed.

Mr. Halilu’s appointment hereby terminates the tenure of Dr. Bashir Gwandu as EVC/CEO of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).


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