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Toyin Abraham Reacts To Tinubu’s Trending Video



Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, has reacted to the video of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, working out on a fitness bike.
Naija News earlier reported that Tinubu in a tweet on Sunday dismissed claims that he had withdrawn from the 2023 presidential race.

The National leader of the ruling party stated that he is strong and healthy, adding that he is ready to serve Nigerians from the first day if he emerges as President.

Tinubu wrote alongside the video, “Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign.

“Well… Nope.

“This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am READY to serve Nigerians from Day One.”

Toyin Abraham Reacts
Reacting, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page to share the video insisting that Tinubu is hale and hearty, questioning what he should do to prove he is not dying soon.

The mother of one further put up a disclaimer that she is not campaigning for any candidate but merely jumping on the trending video.

Toyin added that she is a responsible citizen with her PVC and power to choose a candidate to vote for in the election.

She wrote: “What else does Tinubu need to do to prove that he is not dying today? I am not campaigning for any candidate, just jumping on trending topic o. I am just a responsible citizen with PVC and power to choose who to vote for.”

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Woli Arole mourns Fadeyi Oloro



Nollywood actor, Bayegun Oluwatoyin aka Woli Arole, has mourned the death of his colleague, Ojo Arowosafe, aka Fadeyi Oloro.

The death of Fadeyi Oloro was announced on Tuesday evening.

Arole shared a throwback video of himself and the actor via his Instagram account saying, “So happy I reached out to you sir, so happy we played our part, so happy we laughed together, so happy we were able to show our support. Rest in Peace the Legend ‘Fadeyi Oloro’.

“Let’s check up on people when dey are alive, Let’s show love when people can feel. Let’s help when it can be seen.”

The details of Fadeyi’s death were still sketchy as of press time.

Born September 15, 1957, the veteran actor died at 66.

The Ekiti-born actor rose to prominence during the 80s and late 90s for his trademarked herbalist character.

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Musician, Funmi Ayinke Releases ‘Carry Me’ Official Video To Celebrate Season Of Love



In the spirit of Valentine, popular inspirational musician, Funmi Ayinke has released the official video for her viral song titled ‘Carry Me’.

The song which talks about ‘Love’ was released on the eve of valentine to enable lovers enjoy their season. It is also a song that preaches togetherness among lovers as against the slang in vogue that everyone will ‘chop’ breakfast (breakup or divorce).

The song is no doubt a go-to song whenever things are not going smoothly among lovers and whenever things are rosy too. No doubt, ‘Carry Me’ by Funmi Ayinke should be a national anthem for all lovers.

Apart from ‘Carry Me’, Funmi Ayinke has released several songs and albums that include Obinrin, The Journey, It’s our time, loosing it, I can make it, Omo Iya Teacher, Joro, to mention a few.


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Joke Silva reveals how she manages Olu Jacobs’ health



Nollywood actress, Joke Silva has revealed how she is able to manage the health of her husband, Olu Jacobs.

Recall that the actress acknowledged that her husband, Olu Jacobs, was coping with dementia caused by a Lewy body.

She revealed that her spouse “doesn’t comprehend what is going on” and has been battling the illness “for a couple of years.”

In a recent interview with Mercy Johnson on her Youtube cooking show “Mercy’s Menu”, Joke Silva revealed how his illness has affected her and how she is able to manage it.

According to Joke Silva, they make an effort to seek religious and spiritual support, but the only way she is able to deal with it is to accept it as her new reality.


She said, “Well for me, it’s getting to the place of acceptance.

“You know when our partner start making some changes, then you are asked to seek natural and religious help.

“And then you doing everything you are been told to do, and it’s almost like the patient is getting worst.

“But when you get to the stage of acceptance, that this is your new reality, its so much easier.

“You realize that this is your new season, this is your new reality.

“You are working with your partner and you meet them where they are, it much easier.”

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